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İHola! My name is Charlotte Lavery and I am delighted to welcome you to Swansea Lingotot to share my love for languages with local children and their families.

I always wanted to teach, that was set in stone very early on. I studied French in school and as I seemed to have a flair for languages, I chose to learn Spanish as soon as I was able.  That was me hooked and, post A Levels,  6 months in Madrid as an Au Pair, and another year in Spain as part of my Hispanic Studies Degree, I was still in no doubt that I wanted to teach languages. So 1998 I moved to London to do my PGCE and began my teaching journey.

I worked for several years in secondary education in Kent then Surrey and then in 2008 took a leap of faith and moved to a bilingual area of West Wales with my then husband and our two young daughters.  Subsequently, I owned and ran a holiday cottage business and have tutored and taught children and adults for the last ten years. 

And in January 2022 I had the pleasure of opening Swansea Lingotot.

Lingotot Swansea is currently working in partnership with primary schols in Swansea and NPT, delivering PPA sessions in Spanish to pupils in Progression stages 2 and 3. Our sessions are lively and interactive and focus on learning through a range of activities, all designed to engage the pupils and enhance their learning experience. We can work with you to develop strategies in line with your School Development Plan and can either offer blocks of classes, year long plans or even ones that extend throughout Progression Stages 1-3. We are currently the only provider that offers a primary langiage qualification in the UK and are fully accredited. 

Please access the link below to learn more about how Lingotot can work in partnership with your school and bring the joy of language learning to the next generation.

Lingotot Swansea is also hoping to return to community sessions for pre-school aged children and I will publish notifications when we are in a position to confirm availability.

Muchas gracias


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